Did you know out of the 1.5 crore people who hold a Graduate Management Education Master’s degree all around the globe, about 23.4 lakhs are Indians? Master of Business Administration, MBA is truly one of the most popular and pursued degree courses. There is indeed something fascinating and fulfilling about this 2-year degree course, that for the past so many years, it is a favoured choice for aspiring managers. And with the majority of students thinking the same way, the surge in applicants for MBA Courses only shoots up the competition.

The pool of MBA courses grows day by day. However, as an MBA aspirant do you know what are some common facts about MBA, or how does MBA help in life. Finding the answers to these questions becomes crucial before you pick a career path. So, rather than opting for a course that your parents suggest or because your best friend is doing the same might not be the right thing to do. You need to know all the facts about MBA. so, read on some MBA facts as you tread ahead on your life journey.

MBA fact #1 – An MBA degree offers an extensive business network – Make the most of it

Your MBA course opens a global platform for you. You may feel overwhelmed when you realise that there’s no end to the multifarious opportunities that await you when you complete your MBA. Depending on the MBA eligibility, you can be prepared to see a long list of jobs that have an MBA degree as a prerequisite. A lot of rewarding options in the field of human resources, international business, finance etc. can be explored.

MBA fact #2 – There are a number of MBA courses to choose from – Do your homework

Before you start your MBS journey, you need to put in a lot of research. There are multiple MBA courses and programs, and it is imperative that you go for something that suits your background as well as your aptitude. Your graduation subjects can play an important role in your MBA eligibility, so choose wisely.

 While some B schools offer part-time MBA as well, full time courses have their own advantages. What also must be kept in mind is that not MBA concentrations are equally popular.  From finance to strategy, from general management to international management, the specialisations can vary.

MBA fact #3 – You get plenty of choice in picking a business school – Choose wisely

Thankfully, India now has a number of well-established business schools and some of them even find a place in the top 50 institutes globally. What is also interesting is that the lack of international students in India creates a better opportunity for Indian students. Students aspiring to have a career in management can get an advantage in the application process.

MBA fact #4 – MBA courses & fees will vary from institute to institute

Another MBA fact you need to keep in mind is that MBA courses & fees can vary from institute to institute and from city to city. The two-year MBA Course can range from INR 20,000 to INR 40 lakhs. The fee structure of the course is different in government and private institutes. Furthermore, the MBA fee in private B Schools depends on factors such as the infrastructure, pedagogy, location, subjects and specialisations opted for, boarding and hostel facilities, extra-curricular activities etc.

If you are an MBA aspirant, it is highly recommended that when you start shortlisting the preferred institutes, make sure to cater to the budget you/ your parents have and select accordingly.

MBA fact #5 – With great power comes great responsibility!

There is no denying that MBA salaries are one of the highest in the market. Along with a high salary you surely enjoy the benefits of job security. The average income that an MBA graduate earns is often way more than someone with a regular Master’s Degree. However, there’s nothing magical in the course and you need to be ready to slog it out in order to succeed in life. Your MBA course is going to be much more bustling than your undergrad.

Be prepared for multiple project deadlines, sleepless nights and some stressful times. Also, there are going to be many around you who you may find to be more hardworking or intelligent than you. You would need to pull up your socks to face the tough competition.

Let’s wrap it up

It goes without saying that an MBA degree is indeed a prestigious degree. However, the right institution can make or break your career. While India has many business schools with an established infrastructure and repute, pick one that also offers the most useful hands-on and experiential learning through its MBA programme.

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