Choosing a career route directly after graduation, regardless of whatever discipline of engineering you graduated from, is an important element that will determine your future. After engineering, there are a variety of professional options to choose from, but getting started on the appropriate path the first time is essential to job success.

Many new industries have emerged as the best employers in the new decade, and they are constantly growing. These industries are always in demand of talented and qualified individuals due to their rapid growth. As a result, if a person acquires an education in these fields, they will almost certainly find employment.

Here’s what you need to know about the best career options that will guarantee you a job.

  1. Business Analytics

This is currently one of the most rapidly growing industries. Most of the world’s leading firms now utilise business analytics to evaluate previous performance, assess progress, and prepare for the future. Students at MBA Colleges can pursue a variety of careers in this field, as well as a variety of courses.

Business analytics courses are offered by all of the best universities and higher education institutes, and they are all up to date with current industry trends. Experts have given these courses great marks, and they feature the top business analytics tools. There are a few lucrative jobs that are in high demand all around the world, ranging from developer to analyst.

  1. Website Development Courses

Businesses must be online, and they must have a website in order to be online. Students from computer science engineering colleges can pursue their career as developers and create websites for businesses that want to get online. These sites can be both static and dynamic. Some websites can also produce cash for the company. As a result, one of the most crucial courses to learn for a guaranteed career in the high-digitized world is web development.

Many engineering colleges offer website development courses as well as the computer languages that can be used to develop websites. Choose a course that teaches the most up-to-date languages, as computer languages for web development can quickly become obsolete. There are certificate and degree courses available. It greatly assists you in learning web programming. Web developers can readily find work because this profession is in high demand, and they can also offer freelance services.

  1. Software Development/IT

India is well-known around the world for its software and IT services. All of the leading public and private colleges offer a variety of software and IT-related courses. These courses are the most effective strategies to land a career in this rapidly expanding field.

Students may be aware that in the software and IT sector, innovation and development occur on a daily basis. As a result, search for courses that are updated with what’s going on in the field. Degree and diploma courses are both valuable and guarantee employment, but a degree from a reputable university is strongly recommended. In order to acquire greater income in the sector, an individual can also look for courses that teach management.


MBA courses are probably the best courses to take after graduation if you want to work in the management sector of any business. This course is only available after graduation. Students at MBA colleges must choose a specialisation during their degrees in order to pursue a career in that field.

MBA courses should only be taken at AICTE-approved institutions. These courses are valuable in the professional world, and they will help students land the job and income package they desire. The most popular courses are management courses. Despite the high cost, these courses provide excellent value for money because they will lead to the highest-paying employment in the country’s top companies.

  1. Hardware & Networking

Hardware and networking are required for software and IT to function. As a result, hardware and networking courses are in high demand, as these diligent and networking specialists find positions in the country’s booming IT industry with relative ease. The physical components of a computer and other related items are referred to as hardware. Networking is the process of establishing local and large area networks for personal or business purposes.

Many universities offer hardware and networking courses. As a result, they must decide where the best place to take these courses is. Hardware and networking courses are affordable and will help students get jobs immediately once they graduate these courses.

  1. Data Science & Big Data

A single user generates a large amount of data that may be evaluated and used for analytics with just one single transaction or a few actions on the internet. These courses are related to each other and to business analytics, however they are grouped into separate specialisations due to their volume.

All data science courses are built on students learning what they can do with data and designing datasets to extract certain outcomes. Big data courses educate students how to acquire, collate, and understand large amounts of data. We live in a data-driven world, and data science or big data education will put students on the fast track to a successful career.

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is expected to overtake traditional marketing as the most popular media. Because the expenses are lower and the outcomes can be quantified, businesses are shifting to digital marketing. This allows them to adjust or modify marketing tactics. Furthermore, because digital marketing crosses geographical boundaries, it is perfect for organisations to outsource to lower-cost places.

Students will study about SEO, PPC, SEM, Social Media Marketing, and other topics in a digital marketing course. They can specialise in one of them or learn about all of them and become a digital marketer. They can also give themselves an advantage by combining a management degree with digital marketing.

  1. Engineering

Engineering courses have long been a favourite among those seeking a career guarantee of 100%. The demand for engineers in our country is such that no matter what stream students of private engineering colleges choose in engineering, they will find work the day after they graduate. Engineers will continue to be needed in India because it is a developing country.

There was a time when engineering studies were considered obsolete, but now many students are choosing BTech and MTech courses to advance their careers. There are numerous engineering and technical education institutes; ensure that you enrol in a program offered by an AICTE-approved college.