Attorney Robert Doody South Dakota knows first-hand that the legal struggles of Native Americans are far from over, and some of them are still facing legal issues even today.

Robert Doody South Dakota says that some of the questions that need to be answered include the legal struggles Native Americans face today and what can be done to resolve those issues.

Voting Issues

First of all, Robert Doody South Dakota says that the inaccessibility to voting locations for Native Americans is a problem since it causes them issues when they attempt to exercise their right to vote. He said that for Indian Reservations, the polling places are not just down the street a few blocks like it is for many Americans but are further away, making it more difficult for Indigenous people to cast their ballots. This situation needs to be rectified as soon as possible so they can exercise their right to vote.

Lack of Health Care

Attorney Robert Doody South Dakota is diligently working to bring more attention to the government as well as the courts that there are poor health conditions in the Native American community. Much of this is caused by the lack of adequate health care facilities on reservations and the low funding provided. He said that even the Indian Health Service, an organization that does try to provide quality health care to Native Americans on reservations, is severely underfunded. This prevents the Indian Health Service from providing optimum health care to its patients and the residents it serves. He is in the process of initiating a few court cases that will bring these shortcomings to light and garner more attention around the issue.

Robert Doody South Dakota also said that the Indian Health Service facilities are not always convenient for Native Americans without proper transportation to use them properly. Robert Doody is working hard to file legal actions that will help bring about positive changes to the health and well-being of the Native American communities in his area.

Attorney Robert Doody South Dakota said these things add to becoming major plights that the Native American communities are facing. Things need to happen soon to bring about positive and necessary change. He is working to accomplish that through his law practice. Robert Doody South Dakota wants to make a difference in the lives of the Native American communities he serves.