As the war in Ukraine has left many families and individuals homeless and in need of aid, the UK has opened its borders to accommodate. Here is immigration information for Ukrainians living in the UK, British nationals, and their families.

There is a new campaign to help reunite families affected by the war. This campaign is now open to Ukrainian families or immediate family members of British nationals in the Ukrainian community both in the UK and abroad.

The Ukraine Family Scheme – general information

  • The UK and Ukraine country authorities formally launched a new family reuniting scheme, called the ‘Ukraine Family Scheme’, on 4th March in 2022.
  • Those granted a visa under the Visa Scheme will have their applications processed within 3-6 months.
  • You do not have to pay, and you don’t need a specific salary or educational background.
  • Those applying to the Ukraine Family Scheme:
    • Must be applying to join or go with a family member from the UK
    • You need to be Ukrainian or an immediate family member of a Ukrainian national living abroad to apply to the scheme.
    • Must have been residing in Ukraine on or immediately before 1st January 2022 (including those who have now left Ukraine).
  • If you’ve already flown into the UK and meet the criteria, you can apply.
  • The Home Office will prioritise applications under the Ukraine Family Scheme.
  • A family’s application form should have one for each of its members. If there is a child in your family, they will need their form.
  • Provide your e-mail address so that your instructions are mailed to you.
  • Anyone from outside the UK should not come to the UK without knowing the decision on their visa first 

Homes for Ukraine scheme

Those with Ukrainian IDs abroad can apply for family members without biometrics from tomorrow, 15th March. All applicants must complete an online application form however don’t have to attend an in-person appointment.

Border Force and airlines now know that Ukrainian citizens with a valid international travel document and are accepted under the Ukraine Family Scheme will be issued a temporary travel permit instead of a piece of paper. They will receive a 6-month stamp to show they are eligible to live and work in the UK for that amount of time. 

There are new residence permits in the UK. They allow you to stay for up to 36 months and provide evidence of compliance.

  • Homes for Ukraine is an initiative where an individual or group can sponsor people who are offered sanctuary in the UK. These groups might provide a spare room in their home or a self-contained residence.
  • This programme will be open to anyone of Ukrainian heritage and their families. We’ll welcome anyone who wants to come who can find a sponsor.
  • The new startup program will allow people to come over and live in the UK for up to three years. They’ll be able to access healthcare, benefits, employment support, education and more.
  • Anyone can sponsor you for citizenship, regardless of nationality or immigration status. You must have a clean record and at least six months to stay here in the UK.
  • Sponsors that can provide a place to stay for one or more households will get an additional £350 per month on top of their sponsorship. 

The Home Office also has other legal options for Ukrainian migrants and those seeking to enter the Uk. Ukrainian nationals can now get temporary work visas to work and study in the UK, for example, Skilled Workers, Student or Graduate or Health and Care Worked visas.

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