For a place in a top-tier B-School, one must first clear the GMAT hurdle. Just like for every competitive exam, the GMAT is surrounded by a plethora of prep material all claiming to hold the right answers. Sadly, not all these proclamations can be trusted. Moreover, it is impractical to waste time trying out all possible sources. Opting for the services of a company like Experts’ Global is a reliable and easy solution in these circumstances. Started by Mr. Mayank Srivastava in 2008, this EduTech company is world renown when it comes to GMAT prep, having delivered excellent results for students across the globe. Here are its salient features:

Replication of GMAT Environment
Experts’ Global’s GMAT Prep stands out because it reproduces the GMAT environment very accurately. The several thousand practice questions in its question bank all have a GMAT-like structure, as do the mock tests. The testing screen used imitates the full-screen layout, controls, and graphics of the actual GMAT interface. And, most importantly, even Experts’ Global’s scoring algorithm closely matches that of the GMAT. Over 500 of the firm’s students testify that their Experts’ Global mock scores were remarkably close to their GMAT Prep mock scores. This replication of the GMAT at as many levels as possible might seem mundane, but it is instead beneficial as it helps build a familiarity with the real GMAT set-up well in advance. Attention to detail is the key here.

Timely Mock Tests
Experts’ Global’s offers a series of 15 full-length GMAT mock tests as part of its prep program. The aim behind setting multiple mock tests is to build a sense of regularity and discipline in students. Regular preparation through study and practice tests allows for building of mental stamina and identification of test-taking strategies that work for the student.

Detailed Video Instruction
Experts’ Global’s GMAT instruction is centered on video lectures, relayed in a comprehensive and unique manner. The firm has divided the GMAT syllabus into 100 modules, each of which is accompanied by a corresponding video explanation. Every video only tackles a single concept but this should not be mistaken for a lack of detail; clarity through elaboration is the principle here. The division into modules ensures that all topics in the syllabus can be covered without making the process tedious for the student. In addition to these module-wise videos, the company has prepared explanation videos for solutions to all questions in their mock tests and practice exercises as well. Here, the questions and solutions are presented at a steady pace, helping students maintain their speed and grasp the keys to solving the questions.

Useful Performance Analytics
Experts’ Global has introduced performance analytics software that provides students with a more comprehensive account of their performance. Instead of just giving an overall score, section-wise scores are given in mock tests to clearly indicate which areas need improvement. In addition, the analytics record students’ speed in solving different question types, which is useful for developing test-taking strategies. Further, by collating the students’ performance statistics on their most recent mock tests, the analytics provide a holistic overview of students’ prep, something which superficial scoring might not indicate.

Convenient Features
Experts’ Global’s GMAT preparation program comes with a few smart features which students have found handy. An example is the “sticky notes” feature which allows students to take down notes in little, colored pop-up spaces while studying or test-taking. This is not a mere digitization of physical sticky notes though as they come with an extra feature: these notes can be “pasted” onto a common “wall” from where one can access all their notes conveniently. Another example is the “flag button” that allows one to mark questions that can later be retrieved by the system on command. This allows students to revisit particular questions that they think need more analysis or practice, without the hassle of manually hunting for those questions. The idea is to make the entire prep process more efficient by encouraging practices that save time and promote organization.

Experts’ Global’s GMAT-like question bank, clever AI utilization, concept building, overall emphasis on regularity, and innovative edge make its GMAT prep program unlike any other in the world and offer students a real shot at making it to their dream school!