Gia Gasparino continues to campaign for increased awareness of Lyme disease.

Gia Gasparino is a long-time Lyme disease sufferer from Connecticut. Diagnosed with Lyme disease several years ago, she now lives each day with the condition.

“It’s a growing problem, particularly here in Connecticut,” – a condition that’s now more prevalent than ever across the so-called Constitution State and, indeed, the rest of the U.S. and wider North America.

After being diagnosed with Lyme disease several years back, today, Gasparino is passionate about educating others on prevention, awareness, and treatment of the condition.

“I’m now  focused on educating people surrounding Lyme disease prevention, awareness, and treatment,” she reveals, “so that others hopefully don’t have to battle the long term effects from chronic Lyme that I now suffer with.” Gia Gasparino says.

As it stands, Connecticut and broader southern New England are deemed among the worst affected areas of the country for Lyme. Gia Gasparino first contracted the condition after moving to the region. Her health immediately began to deteriorate, yet it took almost 12 months to receive a proper diagnosis.

Even then, only a complicated cocktail of different types of antibiotics eventually worked in helping Gasparino to fight the disease early on in her battle. “Since then, an ongoing combination of holistic treatments and vitamins have further helped,” she explains, “slowly allowing me to get my Lyme disease management under control.” Gia Gasparino goes on to say.

Gia Gasparino broadens the scope of Lyme awareness efforts.

Gia Gasparino is not only campaigning for greater awareness of Lyme among people in Connecticut. Although the disease is especially prevalent here, cases across the U.S. continue to increase each year. The same is true in both people and pets, with dogs especially susceptible to contracting Lyme disease.

With that, Gasparino has also spent significant time researching the implications of Lyme disease in canines and other pet species nationwide. Tragically, some time ago, she lost her beloved dog, Bear Bear, to complications stemming from the condition after he, too, had been struck down by the disease.

“What we’re now coming to understand is the importance of longer courses of antibiotics, administered early,” adds the Lyme awareness advocate, wrapping up, “with time, crucially, being very much of the essence, both in people and pets.”

Further to her efforts surrounding Lyme disease awareness and support, Gia Gasparino is a holistic practitioner, focusing on energetic healing through bio-energetic screening. Both personally and professionally, her interests include spending time with close friends and family, clinical and organic skincare,  animal rescue and protection, including Team ASPCA fundraising and volunteering.