Aspiring to become a skilled Full Stack Developer? Want to know the salary?

If your search has led you to this article, it’s very likely that you are looking forward to making a career in Full Stack Development and are interested in knowing its current employment landscape. 

Whether you are kick-starting your career or planning your next big switch, getting an idea of the current job market is always a big plus. 

In this article, we will explore the hiring landscape of Full Stack Development, and then take a look average full-stack developer salary. Next, we will delve into the factors affecting the Full-Stack Developer’s pay scale.

A Closer Look at Full Stack Developer Salaries in 2024 and Beyond

Jobs in Full Stack Development will witness a strong rise in the coming years with technology expansion. It is a pretty lucrative position with a bright future in the tech industry.

Key Driving Factors for Salary: 

  • Owing to their versatile and diverse skills, Full Stack Developers are highly demanded professionals. 
  • Being able to work on both front-end to back-end development, from conception of a project to its completion, a Full Stack Developer can lead and streamline the whole project eliminating the dependency on different teams. 
  • Having vast knowledge of front-end to back-end development makes you a valuable asset for an organization. 

Average full-stack developer salary 

In terms of remuneration, the amount of experience and skills play a vital role in increasing earning prospects. According to Glassdoor, a senior Full-stack developer earns 14LPA on average while the average payscale of a junior Full-stack developer stands at 6.8LPA. This goes without saying that you should constantly refine your skills to grasp the next better opportunity.

Factors affecting Full-stack developer salary

As stated above experienced Full-stack developers having different projects and skills under their belt, earn more than the less experienced ones. Apart from experience, job location, title, and specialization also contribute to the earning prospects in this industry. M.Sc. (IT) in full-stack development can increase salary projections exponentially. 

Here, we have crunched the numbers for you and listed average Full-stack developer salaries by Job title, Job location, and specialization respectively. 

Average salaries by Job title 

  • Junior full-stack developer: ₹3,75,000 
  • Senior full-stack developer: ₹13,00000
  • Junior full-stack engineer: ₹9,00,000
  • Senior full-stack engineer: ₹17,00,000

Average salaries by location

  • Bengaluru: ₹9,00,000
  • Hyderabad: ₹9,40,000
  • Gurgaon: ₹8,90,000
  • Ahmedabad: ₹7,15,000
  • Chennai: ₹7,56,000
  • Kolkata:₹5,60,000

Average salaries by specialization

  • Full-stack PHP developer: ₹4,11,757
  • Full-stack Java developer: ₹5,10,818 
  • Full-stack Python developer: ₹5,44,095
  • Full-stack Ruby on Rails developer: ₹6,40,000
  • Full-stack JavaScript developer: ₹8,00,000

Wrap up 

What You Should Do Next?

Join a M.Sc. (IT) in Full Stack Development

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In terms of job prospects, full-stack developers sit in a bright spot. You can secure a bright future in full-stack development by keeping an eye on the latest industry developments and perfecting your skill set accordingly.