For children, knowing that their parents are interested in their school work can be a real source of motivation. It can help them to feel valued and important. They are also able to form that relationship with their parents where they can go to them with the things that have been bothering them and that they are struggling with. Here’s some advice from a private girls’ school in Hertfordshire on how you can demonstrate your involvement and interest.

Ask Them About Their Day

Being involved in your child’s education means speaking to them about their day and how they are getting on. Things that seem simple and day-to-day can have a huge impact on children and help you to make sure that everything is generally okay. It will help you to also form a closer connection with your child as you’ll know about what they’re getting up to and can demonstrate that you care.

Practice with Them

Any form of practice that you can do with your child will help them to progress in their studies, whether that be asking them to teach you about what they have learned or testing them on their spellings. There’s even research to back this as we forget around 50 to 80% of what we’re taught after a day.

Attend All of Their Events

Whether it’s football that your child’s into or dance, showing up to their key events at school will help them to feel appreciated and valued. Knowing that you’ll be watching them in support can also offer confidence and help them with their nerves if they’re feeling nervous.

Have Conversations with Their Teachers

Another way to stay in the loop and know how your child’s doing at school is to speak to their teachers. As they’re the ones marking their work and observing them in class, they will be the judge of their performance. They will be able to tell you what their areas for improvement are and give advice on how best to support their learning needs.

Help Them with Their Homework

Offering a hand with homework can help to make sure that your child understands it and gets it done. As we know, homework is important because it helps to solidify what’s taught in class. it’s also an opportunity for their teachers to see how much they actually understand which is why you should ensure that they answer their questions by themselves. If you would like to help, you can always explain concepts to them to refresh their memory, explain their questions and even create some example ones of your own to work through.

Create and Implement a Positive Routine

Routine is important for developing and maintaining healthy habits. Things like sleeping early, having the right foods, and following a study schedule will help your child to become accustomed to doing so and perform well at school as they are all contributing factors.

Sleep is essential for retaining information and focus while food gives us the fuel to work hard and concentrate. Filling up on the wrong foods like those that are high in sugar can have a negative effect on children. Not only is it bad for their health, but it can make them feel tired and lethargic throughout the day.


Praise provides acknowledgement and motivates us to work harder. When your child achieves something, show them how proud you are. No matter how big or small, progress is progress and can encourage them to continue with what they’re doing.