Just when we had thought we’d seen the last of working from home, the government as issues more regulations which state that if we are capable of, we should resume the work from home incentive. Despite working from home being beneficial to most people as they don’t have to endure the commute to work, rely on others for childcare and can have a later start to their day (arguably the best bit!), working from home can be problematic due to the fact most of our properties arent ready for us to work from home. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled a small guide on how to build the perfect home office.

Choosing the Right Equipment:

Investing in a Comfortable Chair:

At the heart of a home office is a comfortable chair. As you will spend so much time sitting down (literally half of the day at least), it’s important that you get a chair that makes a noticeable difference to your working day. It’s important to check that you have a chair that is great for your posture, has good arm, back and thigh support and is comfortable.

Adding a Second Monitor:

Having a second monitor will work wonders for your productivity. It’s an important addition as it will make tasks easier- and will make multi-tasking more approachable. To make things even easier, try to buy the same model as the current computer you are using- so that way you can have the same experience across both screens.

A Standing Desk:

Sitting down for extended periods of time has been scientifically proven to be bad for your health. This is why you may want to invest in a standing desk, so that you can work standing up. Standing desks are height adjustable (both lowering and raising), so you can adapt the desk, so it works best for you.

Adding Some Greenery:

By adding plants to your home office, not only will it make the space brighter, but plants are also proven to increase happiness and reduce overall stress levels. In addition to this, plants can improve productivity by up to 15%. If you are thinking about adding plants to your home office, why not choose plants that also improve air quality. Plants such as Boston fern, dracaena and ficus’ are known for their air filtering qualities.

Manage Your Wires:

There really is nothing worse than having wires lounging around everywhere- especially in your home office where you are trying to work. Opting to do basic wire management will not only go a long way in terms of the aesthetic of your office, but also will reduce your frustrations and the risk of you tripping over wires. An easy way to organise is to get a few zip wires and clamps to manage your wires.

Get High-Speed Internet:

Working from home requires a lot of reliance on technology and specifically, the use of the internet. Whether you’re trying to access online documents, are speaking to colleagues on teams, or just trying to work in general, the last thing you will want is bad Wi-Fi. Therefore, it’s important that you have sufficient internet connection. In order to get a better Wi-Fi connection, a great hack is to ensure your router is placed highly off the ground and in the middle of your house. Additionally, ensure that there are no pieces of clutter around the router, such as appliances like microwaves or landline phones- as this can cause disruption in the signal.

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