So, you’ve just completed your first year at university. And after a long year of living in student halls, it’s finally time for you to find housing before your second year of studying commences. It’s an exciting time, and is your first bit of independence, as well as being a fun way to work out a part of adulthood with your new-found friends.  However, it’s important to not get caught up in all the excitement. Looking for a student house (or any property) can often be a tiring process, and unfortunately, some landlords will take advantage of young and impressionable adults- which will ultimately result in you ending up in a property that is unpleasant and that you don’t actually like. There’s a lot to consider, and if you’re wondering where to start, here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top tips to help you look for the right student house.

Choosing Who You Want to Live With:

Choosing who to live with is first on the agenda. Throughout the first year of your university, you were placed with people randomly, however for the rest of your student accommodation you get to make that decision yourself. You may opt to live with the same group of people, or break off into smaller groups, live with people off your course or those you have met through socialising- but whatever you choose, it’s important to discuss it beforehand. Each person might hold different values in terms of finances, cleanliness etc., and if you’re all not on the same page this can cause arguments.

Calculate Your Budget:

Before you agree to go to any bookings, it’s important to understand your budget. It’s pointless to look at a property which is way out of your price range, and that goes for the people you are living with too. Take time to sit down and work out the maximum you can afford to pay between you- taking into consideration maintenance loans, income from a part time job, additional grants and extra support.

It’s also important to check your credit rating. Although this isn’t an absolute essential, some student letting agents may undertake a credit check as part of the application process. They won’t be looking for you to have a perfect score, but if they see that you are irresponsible with money, they may have second thoughts about letting you sign a contract.

Make Sure You Have a Guarantor:

Admittedly, most students don’t have the best handle on money, and at the best of times may need to have a little extra financial support. Most estate agencies will require the tenant to be under the protection of a guarantor, which is usually a third-party that acts as security against payments. You may either be required to have an individual guarantor or a joined one for the house.

Know What You’re Looking For:

Once you have sorted out the finances, the next stage is to work out what exactly you are looking for, both as individuals and group tenants. This will enable you to find the most suitable property that works for you all. A few things to consider include:

Transport and Distance:

How close does the property have to be to your university? Are you going to choose something that is within walking distance or are you looking to commute? Additionally, if you have access to a car, does the property cater for parking? Often, properties that are a little further out tend to be more affordable, so if you’re willing to commute it can be cheaper.

Property Type:

Are you looking for a standard house that is essentially a crash pad between studying and parties? Or are you looking for a space that is more homely and comfortable and somewhere that can be used for quiet study. Also, are you going to ensure that everyone has equal sized bedrooms, or is someone willing to give up the luxury of a double bed? When it comes to bathrooms, are you all willing to share or are you looking for a property that comes with en suites?

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