There is a big chance that when you go off to university, it will be your first experience living on your own and away from home. It could feel rather lonely and empty walking into your student hall and especially your room, no matter how far these accommodations have come in regard to style and cleanliness. Even the most modern looking student room has a daunting feel to it and is certainly in dying need of some personalisation. Making your room cozy and adding personal items which remind you of your home will give you that comfort and security that you are really going to need in the beginning.

What’s important for you to do as soon as you get settled in is to really make yourself at home in your new accommodation. There are numerous ways you can achieve that and here at We Buy Any House, we have gathered some of the best tips for making your student room feel homely.

1.     Rearrange Furniture

Student accommodation rooms have a pretty standard layout but a little rearrangement of the furniture in a way that would be comfortable for you could play a big part in differentiating you from all the rest. What’s more, you could create a much cozier arrangement than the one you originally had. That way it will feel a lot more like your own and that would be the first step to making your room homelier as well.

2.     Deep Clean

Even if you are not a clean freak, there is just something about knowing that there has been a person in that room before you that could make you feel as if it is not yours. You never know who has cleaned it or how effective it was, so it might be worth for your own peace of mind to deep clean everything. At the end of the day, it is just a room, not a whole house so it should not take too long to do. As soon as you do, you will feel instant satisfaction and it will make you feel more at ease.

3.     Get a Plant

House plants are famous for making any place feel like a home. Not only would they do wonders for your air quality, but they would also give you some sort of responsibility by trying to keep it alive. However, it may pose a challenge having in mind the environment and how busy you might get so you should probably consider a hard to kill plant such as a cactus or succulent. They are refreshing but not overly demanding so it is the perfect house plant for beginners.

4.     Invest In Quality Bedding

It is not a secret that you will spend a lot of time in your bed and as the rooms normally tend to be on the smaller side, your bed could easily turn into a seating area where you could not only sleep but also study, eat, watch movies and could even serve as a table at times. That is why it is so essential to make it comfortable! Investing in quality bedding with nice soft throws and pillows is going to make all the difference. During winter months, it could also provide that comfy feel when you snuggle in it.

5.     Decorate Your Walls

Your student halls will have those bland and boring white walls which have no life in them. Since you cannot paint them over to add some colour, you might want to consider decorating them with some art, pictures and fairy lights to add some texture and personal touch. The amount of things you could attach to the walls during your student years is insane and there is no excuse for not doing it.

6.     Take Care of The Aromas

In student accommodations there are often shared halls where you never know what kind of people you might have to share a kitchen or a bathroom with. People have different cultures, cook different meals and sometimes those smells can easily get into your own private room. There is not much you could do in these situations but try and have things which could improve the smells in your own space. Get yourself some candles, diffusers and sprays which remind you of home in order to fight those weird aromas and feel as homely as possible.

It is going to be a difficult transition going from your home you have lived in all your life to shared student accommodation which you cannot even furnish yourself. That is why it is so important to try anything in your power to bring things that comfort you and make you feel as safely as possible even when away from home. 

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