The decision to attend the Korean classes will benefit you the most. Cited from the site of the Embassy of The Republic of Korea to Norway, there are more than 77 million people in the world that speak Korean. Moreover, it is the 21st most-spoken language in the world.

Taking a Korean class and mastering it will ease you into the professional world. If you are a student, it enhances the possibility to gain a scholarship to Korea. We gathered some tips from mastering Korean in a fun and easy way.

Understanding Hangul

At the very beginning of the journey, you have to start from the Hangul, the Korean Alphabet. For English speakers, it is not easy. However, compared to Mandarin or even Japanese, Hangul is not as difficult as it seems.

In the Hangul alphabet, there are 14 consonants and 10 vowels. To create the words, you have to combine the letters in order.

Since Korean is a phonetic language, the Hangul will sound the same as written. Therefore, rumor has it that you can learn Hangul only in a day.

Enrich Your Vocabularies

The key to master the language is to learn as many vocabularies as possible after you study Hangul.

You can get many important vocabularies through Korean popular culture from K-Pop and K-drama. They will help you to learn Korea in a fun way that you will get used to the language. Make sure you take note of the new vocabulary you learn anywhere.

The loanwords and Konglish are useful to learn vocabularies from basic, and it is not that difficult to remember for the English speaker.


You can learn many vocabs in a day, but that is not enough without enough practice. Practicing the Korean language will improve your ability.

If you can befriend Korean natives, you are lucky. You can try to converse with them. However, if you cannot do that, you can try making a review vlog in the Korean language or write in Korean enhances your skill

Taking Korean Class

Some people can learn the language on their own, and some people need more motivation. If you find it hard to learn the new language regularly by yourself, then consider asking for professional help like in Asian Language School, specialized in providing a tutor for Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean language.

The professional Korean tutors in Korean classes know how to teach the students from zero. They will help you find the best method for learning Korean.

Applying the tips above will help you to enhance your Korean language ability. Take the Korean classes and dedicate at least a half-hour a day to this process and you are going to get good results.