In the past, women had been confined to societal norms and restrictions that became hurdles for them to take up any job. While there have always been a few exceptions in the past, the fact that the majority were in this dilemma was simply sad. But, as time began passing by, many women started to break free from the shackles of cultural bias, social discrimination and also fought gender bias to make a mark for themselves in the professional world. Today, millions of women in both urban and rural parts of India are seen making a living. So many women are the bread winners of the family too. As perceptions are changing or rather have changed, the doors to numerous opportunities have also opened.

By proving their creativity, determination and working day in day out, women are now ruling the industries of retail, education, technology, sports and social work. There are numerous inspiring stories of women from all over the globe that are testaments to what they can achieve. Each of them is a role model for the future generations. Here are some ways in which women have broken the glass ceiling and made millions proud.

  • They have had a clear goal and have worked extremely hard to achieve their dreams despite the obstacles that they face.
  • In times of uncertainty and failure, women who are successful today it’s because they never gave up. They worked through all the challenges and triumphed.
  • There is always learning involved in any field of job. Successful women make sure to stay abreast with the latest happenings so as to be the best in whatever they do.
  • Every successful woman puts in immense work. Nothing comes without compromising on things you’d otherwise do. For some, it is sleep, less of social interaction, being away from family and a lot more. This is only a temporary situation, but these women sacrifice a lot to make success happen.
  • One thing that distinguishes successful women is that they think outside the box and are innovative in all that they do. To sustain in today’s world, being exceptional is what will bring you laurels and that is exactly what these women aim for.

So many women in India and abroad have managed to become entrepreneurs and job creators and support thousands of others. All this has only been possible because they have had a clear vision of what they want to achieve. You will come across numerous women success stories every day. If you are looking for inspiration, familiarize yourself with some noteworthy women and you will see yourself following in their footsteps.

If you have a vision, make it happen. Work hard and find a workaround even if things seem difficult. Do not let anything stop you from having a bright future. It will take a lot of sacrifice but once you achieve your goals, you’ll know it was all worth it. So, wake up each day with determination and work your way until you become an inspiration for others.