There’s almost unanimous consent, among pediatricians, child psychologists and educators alike, that early childhood education makes a huge difference in children’s lives. Delayed introduction to learning cause delays in the physical, mental and emotional development of a child.  The Montgomery Child Care Association (MCCA) offers daycare in Rockville that uses a unique approach to delivering a broad spectrum of early childhood education – one that makes real differences in lives.

Molding the Future

For early childhood educators, molding the future of young children is like a painter or a potter getting ready to produce a work of art. Good educators are like craftspeople that work individually with each child in their care. And, just as it takes a lot to convert a blank canvas or a piece of clay into a masterpiece, so too the molding of young minds and bodies is a craft unto itself:

  • It takes experienced educators to understand the needs of each child, and to create learning plans based on their unique needs
  • It requires innovative approaches, like involving young kids in exciting projects, to stimulate curiosity and encourage them to investigate and explore
  • It needs passion, from educators, supervisors and administrators, to mold children’s personalities in a way that assures their future success

And all this needs to happen within a carefully regulated, safe, caring and friendly environment – the kind that children who experience daycare in Rockville MD have. Here, the children experience multiple learning opportunities in Social-Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, the Arts and English Language Acquisition spheres. It all happens in line with a curriculum that’s approved and monitored by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).

Multidimensional Learning at Its Best

While assimilating these experiences, children get plenty of opportunity to mix and mingle with other kids of diverse backgrounds. This hones their social skills. They play games that test their motor skills, strength and stamina, leading to overall physical development. They participate in group and individual activities that challenge their brains and stimulate mental faculties.

Most of all, children attending daycare in Rockville have the constant and overarching presence of trained, skilled and caring educators monitoring them carefully. From their meals to their rest-time. And from encouragement to morale-boosting support – providing everything a child needs to develop all senses to take on the world. This is multidimensional learning at its best!

The MCCA Difference

All MCCA centers aim to make a big difference, not just in the lives of our children we care for, but for their families and the broader communities that we serve. And it’s that commitment that we bring to daycare in Rockville MD too. Here, like in every other child care center across the MCCA network, parents and guardians will find professionals with expertise in teaching, communicating with and caring for children.

We know that our staff make a big difference in the quality of education and care they deliver. That’s why we mandate all staff complete professional development curriculums each year, as part of their annual licensing requirements.  The fact that these training programs often exceed the state licensing requirements is testimony to our commitment for making a difference in your child’s life.