PRINCE2 Agile foundation and practitioner certification trainings are particularly useful when you –

Want to bring agile techniques to your own company.

Want to see how Agile would benefit your own products and services.

Want to deliver the best, fast.

Knowlathon’s PRINCE2 Agile foundation and practitioner certification training course helps you with all that and more!

How do you bring products/services to the market quickly? How do you use newer, faster production methods to your advantage? It is important to change with the times, as more often than not, you will only save on costs while speeding up.

Knowlathon’s PRINCE2 Agile foundation and practitioner certification training courses are worth giving a chance, if you want to know more.

An example

Imagine its your company. Your company makes inexpensive products for the market. The business profits by selling them as value deals and bundles, mostly online. Your company sources the components of various products. It then assembles the actual products in-house. You mostly look into the external supplier related matters. You have never looked at the assembly and production side of things. As a result, some things baffle you. You need the help of an expert project manager who will help you see things in clear light. You appoint a PRINCE2 Agile certified person. Agile brings with itself, a need to understand and absorb things faster. Markets are changing fast and your knowledge of producing your products needs clarity. PRINCE2 Agile is a way forward.

You want to set the price of a particular product. You don’t know the role each component plays in adding to the final value of the product. You only know the components you ordered from various suppliers. You need to know how they all come together to form the product and help it do its desired job. You take the help of a PRINCE2 Agile foundation and practitioner certified person. They study the product you want to set the price of. They give you a detailed walkthrough of this product. They understand newer production techniques very well. They help you understand Agile and your assembly unit well. This gives you a clearer idea of the product. Agile is a relatively new concept that is being seen everywhere. Though not complex, it needs a fair bit of understanding. PRINCE2 Agile is a great starting point with its foundation and practitioner courses.

Once there, the PRINCE2 Agile practitioner certified person makes matters easier for you. They set relevant KPIs for the assembly units. This helps you exactly know how each unit of what you ordered from suppliers is transformed into the final product. They also report on these KPIs. This helps you even out your expectations and set a realistic figure as the price. This product is well received by your customers. This segment of the market is price sensitive and lower prices are what they expect. PRINCE2 Agile certified people are great at understanding newer production ways and means. They know how to sustainably provide what the market wants. They are as well great at working with reports and data. All this helps a business satisfy markets quicker and yet improve the bottom line. The skills acquired through the PRINCE2 Agile foundation and practitioner courses are extremely valuable. That is why through this pandemic, these courses remain well sought after.

Details about the course

PRINCE2 Agile lets you manage initiatives with better flexibility but using suitable control mechanisms. This becomes clear when you attend a PRINCE2 certification training. Knowlathon runs training courses in Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad.

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