Whether you are a teacher or a student and are good at Chemistry, you could opt for a side hustle as a Chemistry tutor. One thing you need to know is that Chemistry tutors require various skills so that they can be great at their work, and in this article, we will help you figure out these particular skills. As a side hustle, it’s great because tutoring pays well as long as you prepare students to learn. However, you might feel like you are not qualified for the job because of all the qualifications and skills you need. This should not belittle you, though.

Skills chemistry tutors require

  • Lesson planning

To be good at what you do, you need to plan; you don’t want to enter your class without any content because it will be quite confusing and it is not professional.  Even if you are quite busy, take some time and plan for your class and to create your plan efficiently, keep the student you are teaching in mind so you can know what lesson you will be planning for. After your first class, you will be able to know your student’s weaknesses, and you can use them to come up with the topics for the second class.

  • Good communication

Knowing how you will communicate with your students is very important because it will determine if your students will understand what you are teaching them or not. You could also decide to ask your students the learning style that they like so that you could use it in the next class. If your students are more visual learners, you could add videos between your classes.

  • Patience

Chemistry is not an easy subject to teach and learn, so as a tutor, you need to know how you will teach your students all the chemistry terms in the book. If your students take too much time to understand the terms, don’t be mad at them, be patient with them.

Aptitudes needed to be a physics tutor

  • Adaptability

Online physics tutors must be patient with their students because not every student learns at the same pace; some understand things faster than others. So first, learn who are the weak students and who are the first learners so that you can know the method you will use so that both students understand what you are teaching.

  • Technical awareness

As a physics tutor, you need technical awareness of the subject. For some technical subjects, you need to be familiar with lab reports and fully comprehend certain topics. 

  • Communication

Some physics terms are quite difficult, and you need to know how you will be able to teach your students these particular terms easily so they can comprehend everything.   


As a chemistry and physics tutor, you need to have the above skills so your students can comprehend what you are teaching them. When you look into the skills above, you will also have multiple students coming to you for help.