First semester is always the hardest and most important. As soon as the new school year appears on the horizon for students and their families, their feelings mix with many contradictions about what the new school year will be like, what they should do, how to prepare, how to behave in different situations, and how they should adjust their lives to the change.

1.     Prepare your books and study place

You can start with creating a study space. This means to create a comfortable study environment that will be the key to your future productivity. Also, take your time to buy all your textbooks in advance. That way you have an opportunity to find deals on book buying price comparison sites and get your textbooks for the best price.

2.     Be serious about your studies

Being realistic and dedicated in your study will help you to study more. This can be done with small things like switching off your phone while studying, making a good schedule and having a higher ambition.

3.     Now or never concept

Once you have your first lecture you should do all your best to study well and make your way through the process. You have to know that it’s your time now to start a career. So start taking courses and improve your self-study abilities in order to get a high-paying job.

4.     Don’t be afraid

Being afraid will eat your brain and stop your heart before you even start your first semester. Being afraid of failing will not lead you anywhere but failure. Being afraid to contact others will destroy your self-confidence. So if you need help, just ask colleagues and teachers. There is no need to stay alone. Engaging with things that frighten you will help you a lot in understanding them.

5.     Follow your curiosity

Remember, you will not succeed doing something that you don’t enjoy. So use your first year to explore all your curiosity in college. That way you will avoid wasting time that you may use for personal and professional development.

6.     Try to stay focused

Find your way to stay focused in classes by taking some time before the class to read a bit about the subject, and go through the textbook.

7.     Time management

This is the most important skill that you have to achieve in order to be successful in your life and career. You have to manage time between studying, working, having fun, taking courses, making friends and doing sports.

8.     Smarter not harder

It’s all about “how successful”, not “how much time you spent”. So studying 10 minutes with a high level of efficiency is much more productive than 2 hours without concentration.

9.     Lastly, learning is fun

The learning process is unique in its ability to create a unique kind of pleasure that people enjoy at all stages, as every time a person acquires something new by learning, he has a distinct sense of pleasure that creates a holistic stimulus that leads him to search for more discoveries through learning, thus creating a conviction. That fun is a final and natural result of the learning process. Make use of it as much as you can.