Class 10 is an essential stage for students. Therefore, the preparation needs to be very strong. Till the 9th class, the pressure is comparatively less, but since the 10th is a board class, the competition increases. Students get the option to decide which subjects they want to study further on the basis of the marks secured.

The first step while preparing for the Class 10 syllabus is understanding the structure. CBSE syllabus covers all the essential information like reference books, projects, assignments and practicals. A good understanding of the syllabus helps students plan a study schedule, which will help them prepare for the board exam.

The board examination paper is based on the CBSE syllabus; therefore, it is advised to first go through it. Here are some of the benefits of knowing the CBSE syllabus.

  • It gives an outline of the concepts they will study during the academic session. Apart from this, it also provides details about the difficulty level, showcasing the number of topics covered in one chapter.
  • It acts as a guide for the students, strategically showcasing which sections they must focus on more.
  • The syllabus provides information about basic concepts to the higher level ones.
  • It gives an idea to students regarding which topics they need to concentrate on.
  • Once they understand the syllabus, students don’t feel alienated towards the academic session. This helps in boosting the confidence level.

The syllabus for each subject varies from the other. Hence, students are advised to go through the syllabus.

Steps to Prepare for the CBSE Class 10 Examination

Once you have gone through the syllabus, follow the steps mentioned below for further preparation.

  • Create a schedule: Based on the syllabus provided, divide the time for each subject and strategically create a plan to complete the syllabus on time. The timetable should be easy to follow and understand. Make sure to have some time for extracurricular activities too. In the end, assign time for revision and practice tests.
  • Prioritise: Differentiate the topics on which you have to focus more. First, complete the easy topics and then move on to complicated ones so that you get enough time to pay attention to each concept. Discuss it with your teachers and friends too about it.
  • Step-by-step learning: First, complete one concept properly and then move to the next one to avoid any overlapping that can confuse you.
  • Clear doubts: Spend extra time clearing your doubts. This helps to strengthen the base, which eventually makes the preparation more strong for examination.
  • Tests and revision: Take short and long-format assessments to check your knowledge. Apart from this, revise regularly so that the brain can store the information more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download the syllabus?

The syllabus for all classes is available on the official website of the Central Board of Secondary Education. In order to download the CBSE Syllabus for Class 10, visit the official website, and from the menu bar, click on the link ‘Curriculum’.

Are there any changes in the syllabus for 2023-2024?

Many changes have been made to the syllabus for 2023-2024. Therefore, students are advised to visit the official website of CBSE to get detailed information.