In Singapore, education is more than just something that parents give to their children for the future. Singapore’s education system is the country’s foundation to its strong and progressive economy. For parents, education is the preparation for their children’s future and career plans. One of the objectives of the education system is to make students competitive when facing anything in the world. Singapore’s education system is meant to make their graduates future-secure and future-proof. This is why many parents turn to hiring a private home tutor from a reliable and track-proven private tuition agency. Choosing the best Singaporean tutor means selecting from a pool of qualified MOE trained tutors from a good tuition agency such as FamilyTutor.

The significance of getting a home tutor

In choosing the best Singaporean tutor, parents get a home tutor either because their child is falling behind or academically failing in a specific subject or for supplementary learning purposes. Sometimes a home tutor is hired for major exam preparation or for college or university level entry exams.

For whatever reason, the biggest significance for getting a private home tutor is to help students learn in the pace and style they are more suited to.

For certain individuals, home tuition is better than a classroom environment

When a child is learning from a private tutor at home, the natural reaction of both tutor and tutee is to feel comfortable in their environment. After all, learning occurs faster when the child feels safe and comfortable in a certain environment, something traditional classrooms cannot give to all students. It is actually quite surprising how much faster students can absorb tutoring at home.

Getting a private home tutor allows any child better learning because weaknesses are turned into strengths, while existing strengths can be further exploited. This is because an experienced home tutor is focused only on a single student in a one-to-one learning environment.

What to look for in a private home tutor

Naturally, a good and qualified home tutor should be fluent and knowledgeable in his or her own field of specialisation. An experienced tutor should know how to impart knowledge to any student while tailoring or adapting the teaching to the child’s needs. Thus, a credible home tuition agency keeps a large pool of tutor candidates specialised in their specific fields. This database of tutors must all be qualified, with good credentials, and have adequate experience in teaching.

Improving test and exam scores

Home tutoring can provide students with better preparation in studying for tests and exams. Home tutoring allows a student to better comprehend ideas and concepts with more depth and absorb more in less time. A student working alone on a difficult subject will waste a lot of time on comprehension alone. A private home tutor can help a student immediately identify and describe a problem and find a solution or correct any errors. Deficiencies can be readily addressed before the test or exam date.

A relief for parents

Parents soon discover that it is not easy to help their children with homework, studies, and exam preparations because they are not familiar with the school syllabus and new topics. All this on top of their jobs and tight schedule. Even if they can find free time for their children, they are already physically and mentally drained and lack the stamina to tutor. Home tuition is unmatched when it comes to providing students with that one-to-one attention and focus. Tutoring schedules can also be arranged so that parents can be home to monitor their children and the tutor. A private home tutor can give that quality instruction, help, and academic obligation that parents may not be able to provide.


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