There are several ways to bring children stories to life. To be able to visibly see, hear, and nowadays even talk to your favourite characters. So many ways to let your or your child’s imagination run wild. In today’s day and age, it’s not only storybooks that can do this, there are so many other ways to make stories come alive.

From generation to generation, moral stories have been handed down to us through the ages. Stories our grandmother, mother, or teacher might have told us and what some of us might have forgotten. But other than this age-old oral tradition, let’s explore the other ways of storytelling. Some which we might already know and some which have yet to discover or recently discovered.


The traditional form of storytelling is through books is what we all know. Unlike stories told orally, which you might forget, something written on paper is never forgotten. You can always go back to it and read it over and over. Fairy tales, stories of gods and superhero stories for children or biographies and self-help books for adults, you can find any type of book, for any age group according to your liking.


If you are looking for a more convenient way to carry a book around, you have recorded books. With audiobooks, you can multitask. While listening to an audiobook you could exercise or do the household chores. And it would save so much of your time. It’s a great way to develop your child’s listening skills.


Bringing your favourite superhero to life, comic books offer all the action and visuals necessary to either encourage your child to read or get them interested in books.


Movies and videos are a great way of portraying stories since it has both audio and visuals. Be it live-action films or just cartoons, there are again a variety of movies to suit an individual’s taste and preferences.

Plays/ Skits

Plays and skits are similar to movies and films. But it is a whole different experience to see a scene unfold live and professional actors acting it out. If you have not watched a play live, it is a must-watch.

Musicals, in movies or broadway, are very popular. For their songs, outfits, and stage decor. Musicals have so much to offer and are a great way to get your child interested in music. You even have songs, rhymes, or poems that tell an entire story.

Puppet animations

A very traditional way of storytelling is puppet animations. It is fun and engaging.


Animation is the new form of art and storytelling. It includes cartoons that can go beyond the boundaries of live-action movies and videos. It makes use of more creative and flexible audio-visuals.

Drawings or some visuals can tell you an entire story just by looking at it.


Newer computer technology is day by day changing the way we perceive stories. We can see that through computer animations in movies, cartoons, and other such videos. But a very recent phenomenon is interactive applications, through which you can read, hear, and see the story. But not only that, most kids learning app even lets you talk to your favourite characters.

What’s your favourite way of storytelling?