Here are 5 Websites to Search and Apply for Internships

It can be overwhelming to find internship or employment opportunities if you do not know where to look. Although you get thousands of results when you search the internet, not all are credible opportunities. In this read, we will assist you by highlighting the top websites to look for internship college and tips to help with your search. Read on to get more insights.

Websites to Look for Internship Opportunities

Internship guides ensure you take the right approach after completing college or university to advance your career. You can learn how to find paid internships abroad and apply for the opportunities. Every effort you take will be rewarding, and you should not give up even when you do not get the feedback you were looking for.

Doing your internship in college is a great way to start your career. It may not pay well or at all, but it lays the ground for development in the industry. There are many benefits of doing overseas internships as well as local ones and it is best to expand the scope of your search. Below are some websites where you can get the opportunities;

The database on the SimplyHired platform is broad and can link you with internship opportunities from anywhere. You can narrow your search by filtering the results using the location and type of internship you are looking for. The search algorithms will pull information from third-party sources like job boards, company websites, and other job listings. It offers a centralized place to access employment opportunities from different companies.

It is a simple platform to use, and you do not have to fill in many things to start your search. You only need to input your target career and where you want to go for an internship. With potential employers visiting the site, it is advisable to upload your resume on the platform. It gives you work opportunities as human resource managers can know more about you and contact you if you are a suitable candidate.

If you are looking for an internship during college outside your country, you should try the site. The main reason for its conception is to link multinationals with talent from worldwide. Organizations post opportunities on the platform, and you can search for internships depending on your career.

You lose internship opportunities if you do not know about the site. updates its database every day, and you can see the openings as soon as they are available. It mainly includes posts from non-governmental and humanitarian organizations. Still, you can filter your search using remuneration, language, and focus area parameters.

If you are looking for an internship in college, this is a versatile platform. Apart from displaying the available opportunities, the website will have content to help you search. The content includes interns’ experiences and tips when applying for jobs. However, it is advisable to create an account to access the entire site. The platform matches you to openings depending on the information on your profile.


It might be tough to find employment but use the websites highlighted here for your career advancement as an intern.