If you live in the UK, and even if you don’t, you may need school compliance training to keep your educators in line with the law.

If you run any kind of educational facility, you need to be aware of the laws regarding operating such a business. Normally, these laws are in place to help protect and safeguard children, to prevent unfairness in the classroom, and to promote equality. As the head of your school, you must keep your teachers up-to-date with laws in your area. To do this, we send our teachers on school compliance training courses to help them learn.

What is School Compliance Training?

School compliance training is a training course that teaches your teachers how to stay compliant with local laws in education. It helps you to keep your staff at the highest possible standard within their field, while simultaneously ensuring that teaching is in line with governmental guidance and compliance. A compliant educational facility is a successful one. Compliance allows you to partake in pursuits of excellence standards.

What is Included in School Compliance Training Courses?

Most school compliance training can now be done remotely. You can provide video lessons through a specialist training company in the UK, which lets your teachers learn on their own schedule. Courses are fluid and often modular style. This way, compliance can be taught across a wider subject range.

Some of the course topics are as follows.

Health and Safety

The UK government has strict regulations regarding health and safety in the workplace. It is so strict in this area, in fact, that the only mandatory insurance type in the UK is employer’s liability. A further tip is to make sure you have that in place.

Fire Safety Training

Teachers should know where to go in the event of a fire. There ought to be firm procedures in place for this. Planned zones are one thing, but teaching staff need to know how to safely get their students out of the building in the event of fire.

First Aid Training

Again, teachers who can deal with emergency first aid scenarios are vital to safeguarding our children. Even learning the basics can promote a better safety standard in the classroom. All UK teacher training should include basic first aid.

Manual Handling

Is it safe to touch children? If they hug you, what should you do? Manual handling includes any lifting of children into and out of wheelchairs, and other advice. It falls under first aid in some cases.


Keeping your school records financially in check and obeying GDPR privacy guidelines are part of running a school in the digital world. Cyber security will be on this list before long.

Wellbeing and Safeguarding

No school compliance training is complete without referencing wellbeing and safeguarding. The first protects your staff by teaching them to look after themselves. The second protects the vulnerable students by giving staff better insight into what to look for in the signs of neglect or abuse. Both together can nurture a healthier working environment on both sides of the divide.