Scholarships are a great resource for families who have limited financial means to send their high-achieving children to international schools across the world. They are competitive but can open so many doors for gifted students who otherwise would not have gotten the chance to study at such a school. But how do scholarships work, and what options are available? Read on to learn more.

Do international schools offer scholarships?

Many international schools across the world will offer scholarships for their students. These will range from scholarships for academic excellence in a particular subject, or for achievements across all subjects, or perhaps extracurricular achievement and more. They are typically offered for students who have limited financial means, to help them achieve their goals excel in their future education and careers.

As a not-for-profit school, Alice Smith School acknowledge the importance of reinvesting school fees into our students learning. This is something that sits very heart of what we do here. Our scholarship programme allows students to excel, giving them access to top universities worldwide. We see it as a great investment and reinforces our commitment to our local community.

How do I get a scholarship for international school?

Scholarships are competitive – there are often many, many applicants for a limited number of placements, depending on the school you choose. Most international schools will have an established application process for you to follow. There should also be clear information on application deadlines, requirements, and so on.

If you are choosing an international school in Kuala Lumpur, why not choose Alice Smith School? We have an excellent student track record and a well-established process for our scholarship programme. You can get in touch with our admissions team to discuss options, eligibility, and for general help and guidance on the application process.

What scholarships does Alice Smith School offer?

At Alice Smith School, we offer 3 different types of scholarships for prospective students:

The KLASS Scholarship

This scholarship is for students not currently enrolled at Alice Smith and features as part of our philanthropic approach to education. It is a full scholarship covering the necessary fees and aims to benefit high-achieving post-SPM Malaysian students with limited financial means.

To be awarded this scholarship, students will need to:

  • demonstrate consistent outstanding academic achievement;
  • be aiming for an international level of education at a good university; and
  • fulfil all the entry criteria for our Sixth Form A Levels programme

Students who are successful in securing the KLASS Scholarship will be expected to:

  • attain high levels of excellence in both academic and non-academic fields;
  • push themselves in all aspects of their learning; and
  • become a fully involved member of our school community.

Past graduates from the KLASS Scholarship programme have secured places to top-class universities across the world.

The Reach for the Stars scholarships

This is a partial scholarship for external students that covers up to 50% of school fees. It is awarded to applicants that have excellent academic accomplishment or talent in a specific subject area, for example arts or sports.

Students interested in this scholarship will need to demonstrate strong academic performance and be an exceptional model student. This scholarship is awarded prior to the start of both (I)GCSE programme and A Level programme with specific application requirements.

For the A Level Reach for the Stars Scholarship, students must be applying for:

  • late entry 18-month A Level programme (January intake – likely to be students completing (I)GCSE or equivalent in December); or
  • 2-year A Level Programme (August intake – likely to be current (I)GCSE students)

For the (I)GCSE Reach for the Stars Scholarship students must be applying for:

  • late entry 18-month (I)GCSE programme (January intake); or
  • 2-year (I)GCSE Programme (August intake)

The Principal’s Scholarship

This scholarship is a partial scholarship for to existing Year 11 Alice Smith students based on proven outstanding ability. There is no application process for this scholarship, it is awarded by analysing data from Key Stage 4 (and sometimes Key Stage 3) for sustained achievement.

It is split into two different categories:

  • Academic – students will have a proven track record of excellent academic performance across a number of subjects; or
  • Talent – students will have a proven track record in fields of either Arts or Sports. They will have been involved in teams, productions, showcases and supported their younger peers

These scholarships are nominated by the school faculty and there is no application process.

Students can achieve their dreams with Alice Smith School

Regardless of how students secure their places at Alice Smith School, each and every child is given the very best education we can provide. We focus on continually improving our offering to students across staffing, campus facilities, extracurricular activities and support, academic support and more. This is a part of what makes Alice Smith School a leading international school in Kuala Lumpur.