University is an amazing experience for students who are not only going to broaden their knowledge and improve their education credentials, but also learn a great deal about their own independence. Living alone in student accommodation is something which proves to be a great learning curve for students, and getting prepared in the right way is critical to making the most out of this new way of living.

To help you prepare well, here is what you need to ensure that you pack before you leave.

Sheets and Bed Linen

No matter whether you have decided to stay in halls or in a residential college, you will need to ensure that you have your own bedding with you. Taking two sets means that you will be able to wash one whilst using the other on your bed, so that you always have clean linen. For those who are used to mum and dad taking care of bedding, this will be a detail which you’ll need to learn quickly.

Desk Essentials

In almost all student accommodation you will have a desk where you will be able to study and carry out any tasks which you are given, but you’ll have to bring the accessories for your work with you. This will include a small lamp for late night studies, stationary of course, as well as additional items such as a non-slip mat for your laptop and coasters.

Kitchen Essentials

If you are staying in a residential college then it is unlikely that you will need much by way of kitchen supplies, as meals will be provided for you. In any other accommodation however you are only going to get the basics, which is why you should take some stuff with you. Items such as pots and pans, cutlery, plates and bowls, as well as any other utensils will be necessary when you head off to uni.

Safekeep for Documents

When you arrive at your student accommodation you are going to end up with a lot of personal and important documentation which you need to keep safe. This could be your university papers, any insurance documents and passports or ID. It makes sense to have a special file where you will be able to contain all of these documents in order to keep them safe and for easy access.

Touch of Home

No matter how independent you may be, during that first year at university you are likely to feel a little homesick from time to time. This is why taking a few details which will remind you of home and family will be a great idea. This could be anything from photographs to trinkets, anything which will stir up feelings of being at home with your family. There is nothing wrong with missing home every now and again, and when you do these little tokens will help you get through any tough times.

Make sure that you are fully prepared for living on your own in student accommodation, so that you can feel comfortable when you are at university and so that you don’t have to rush around buying things just before you begin your studies.