Each year there are tens of thousands of students who come from around the country and the world to live and study in Melbourne. In fact, Melbourne is widely considered as the best city in Australia in which to study, and we are here today to tell you exactly why this is the case. There are multiple Melbourne uni options for students, and whilst they will of course come here for the high quality education, there are so many more reasons why students adore their time here.

Diversity of the City

There are over 200,000 international students here in Melbourne, staying in private apartments in the city, enjoying residential college life and staying on campus. This range of diversity is echoed throughout the city and it is undoubtedly one of the reasons why the city is so loved. This range of cultural diversity can be found in the markets, the food options and certain hubs which exist throughout the city, creating a really fun setting for students.

Food Options

It is not just the diversity which has contributed towards the amazing food options in the city, but also the incredibly high standards which have been set over the years. Melbourne is widely known as a foodie paradise, but this is not just used to describe high end restaurants which are out of reach for many cash-strapped students. There is also a wide range of budget options which students will love, from budget eats to food trucks, and even low cost markets with an abundance of options for students.

Safety of The City

It is important that a student who is going at it alone for the first time in their life feels safe in the city where they live, and this again is where Melbourne really delivers. This is one of the most safest cities in the country, and that is great news for students.


It is important that students find it easy to get around the city and with Melbourne’s range of transport options that is just what they will get here. The city features a great network of trams, buses, taxis and cycle routes, ensuring that everyone finds it easy and low cost to get from A to B. Melbourne uni students love to explore the city and these transport links makes that as easy as possible for them.

Student Culture

Some cities around the world feature a main university or perhaps two in which students can study. Here in Melbourne however we have 9 public universities, all of which of a very high standard. The result of having so many students and universities in the city is that it is very much tailored to student life and culture. This perfectly blends with what locals have created here and students can easily make friends, have a great social life, find work and really give themselves to the city in a safe and comfortable environment.

This is why everyone loves Melbourne and why each year students come from all over the world and Australia to study here.