Have you ever wanted to learn Italian? Or maybe you already know some Italian , but want to become more fluent? There are many reasons why learning Italian in Florence is a great idea . Let’s discover them !

Italian language? Florence is its birthplace

First of all: why are there so many Italian language schools in Florence? Because Florence is the birthplace of the Italian language: so, what better place to learn Italian than the city where it all began? You’ll be surrounded by the language 24/7, giving you ample opportunity to practice and improve your skills and further your knowledge of this culture.

In fact, learning Italian in a school in Florence is an immersive experience: because there you’ll be able to practice your language skills in real-life situations, such as ordering food at a restaurant, or asking for directions. You’ll also get to experience the city’s rich culture and history firsthand.

Italian language schools and courses in Florence

Florence is home to some of the most renowned Italian language schools in the world. These schools offer high-quality instruction from experienced and qualified teachers. That’s why you’ll be able to learn at your own pace and receive individualized attention to help you reach your goals: for example, if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience that will help you reach your Italian language goals, you can find InFlorence Academy, established in 1958 and located in the very heart of the beautiful Piazza Santo Spirito.

InFlorence, the oldest Italian language school in Florence, offers you a wide range of Italian courses, such as “Survival Italian”, “Intensive”, semesters or academic years. But, Most of all, you can immerse yourself in the most authentic Florentine atmosphere: the perfect way to learn and improve your Italian, embarking on a personal journey of exploration in this magnificent city and its numerous artistic and architectural treasures, thanks to guided tours to museums and galleries that InFlorence Academy organizes every week.

Italian courses in Florence: practicing and have fun

So, Italian courses in Florence are the way to go, also because this town, located in the central part of Italy, is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, and what better way to experience it than by learning the language of love – Italian!

Once you’ve learned the basics with Italian classes and courses, you can enjoy practicing your new skills by chatting and conversing with the locals in cafes and restaurants, or by taking language exchange classes: Italian is, in fact, a relatively easy language to learn, especially if you’re already familiar with another Romance language such as French or Spanish. This will definitely help your  progress during your Italian courses in Florence.

Now you have plenty of reasons to choose Florence, which is definitely the perfect place to enhance your experience of one of the world’s most beautiful languages: because there you’ll be surrounded by Italian language and culture, and you will be able to appreciate the city, its landscapes, its art and beautiful gardens. What are you waiting for? Book your Italian course in Florence now and let the adventure begin!